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EDEN 02-_edited_edited.png

I first planned "Eden" for my album 'Momentum'.

The first verse dates partly from the end of 2017.

In the second verse, I go through (almost) all the song titles from the album chronologically and combine them into a coherent verse, which underlines the connection between the songs and the common thread of the album.

As the first song on the album, it is titled "Eden" because the Garden of Eden is the first place mentioned in the scriptures where man's sin began. And since "Momentum" starts off very raw, ignorant, ruthless and hard, there is no more fitting title for me.

I got the sample from an old beat of mine, which, among other things, helped me when applying for my apprenticeship in a DJ store.

Now we have managed to build our own business even though so many said it was hopeless.

Believe in yourself.

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