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Intervall is a rapper and producer from Germany. Growing up in a very musical family with a father who plays the Saz, a singing mother, and music-loving siblings, Intervall began his musical career at the age of 11, rapping along to songs from his brother's hip-hop and RnB LPs.

Intervall's first tracks were produced using a PlayStation game called 'Music.' However, his passion truly broke through when he got his very first computer and a music program called 'Acid.' Since then, he has been continuously working on his creative process, production techniques, and songwriting skills.

In addition to his work as a solo artist and professional producer, Intervall is also a member of the reggae band Carlteh. He has performed at several festivals and events, including the Festival der Kulturen (Hamburg, GER), the Hafencityfest (Münster, GER), the Eurocityfest (Münster, GER), and as the opening act for 'Söhne Mannheims' (Legden, GER).

In 2014, Intervall released his first official free 12-track EP titled 'Evolution,' which included some of his old and many new songs. The EP symbolizes the progress of his artistic development. After three years (2017), he finally reached the point of releasing his debut album titled '[19;86]' on Bandcamp. It represents the full spectrum of his musical and lyrical sides.

New music is constantly being released.

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